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Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc. provides medical ethics programs and services. Bioethical Services was established in 1994 by Dr. Michael Gillette with three primary objectives.

  • First, to provide assistance to healthcare providers, patients and families when they face difficult ethical issues and troubling healthcare decisions.

  • Second, to work with hospitals, hospice providers, long-term care facilities, mental health systems, facilities supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities, community providers of MH, ID, Substance Abuse and Prevention services and many other healthcare providing agencies in order to bring about an environment that is receptive to the discussion and consideration of ethical issues.

  • Third, to provide educational programs to a wide variety of groups and organizations around the county to help people become more informed, more thoughtful and more skilled at identifying, analyzing and resolving ethical issues throughout the continuum of care.

Services including educational programming, case consultation and policy development and review are available to a wide variety of organizations primarily within healthcare, but also for other private industry.

Because every facility has its own unique history and purpose, we individually tailor services to meet the specific needs of each setting. Whether your goal is to satisfy JCAHO accreditation guidelines, to develop an educational program for staff, to respond effectively to a difficult clinical ethics problem, or develop policies that are consistent with your values, Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc. has the ability to help.


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