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Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc. offers a full array of medical ethics programming functions, including:

We have extensive experience in providing medical ethics programming to health care facilities of all types including community hospitals, long term care facilities, state mental retardation facilities, mental health institutes and community services boards.

Because every facility has its own unique history and purpose, we individually tailor services to meet the specific needs of each health care setting. Whether your goal is to satisfy JCAHO accreditation guidelines, to develop an educational program for staff, to respond effectively to a difficult medical ethics problem, or develop policies that are consistent with your values, Bioethical Services has the ability to help.

Ethics Committee Development and Support

Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc. currently provides support to numerous facilities in the development and continued operation of their ethics programs. If your facility is in the process of formulating a new committee, Bioethical Services Of Virginia, Inc. can provide valuable support in the process of formulating guidelines, determining the appropriate structure of your committee and in training your committee members.

After a committee has been developed, Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc. can provide ongoing training and education for the committee, and assist or lead in the practical matters of committee business. In many cases, BSV, Inc. takes full responsibility for ongoing committee operation.

Educational Programming

One of the primary functions of an ethics committee is to provide ongoing educational programming for committee members, facility staff, and consumers of services. It is imperative that those involved in medical ethics work come to understand the theoretical base for medical ethics decision making as well as strategies for practical application. A large body of literature and experience exists in the field of medical ethics, and Bioethical Services Of Virginia, Inc. provides talented educators to make this material accessible.

Case Consultation and Policy Work

When confusion exists in a particular circumstance; when conflict develops regarding the ethically appropriate response to a particular situation; or when policy issues touch on questions of morality, it is important that a process exist by which the ethical values at stake can be clarified and rationally considered. It is necessary to create an environment in which open discussion of ethical issues can take place so that resolution follows.

Bioethical Services Of Virginia, Inc. has extensive experience in providing on-site ethics consultations and policy development and review. In addition to providing a format for the discussion of ethical issues, BSV, Inc. delivers tangible work products in the form of written policy drafts or specific case consultation recommendations.

Speaking and Seminars

In bioethics, discussion surrounds large questions of importance to society in general and to health care professionals in particular. Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc.  provides partial-day, full-day, and multi-day seminars on medical ethics to health care organizations regionally and nationally.

Our Bioethics Seminars deal with concerns like:

  • the overall structure of the delivery of health care in the U.S.,
  • allocation of limited resources,
  • ethical implications of physician assisted suicide.

Our Clinical Seminars cover specific cases involving practical scenarios within the health care environment, such as:

  • end of life decisions for incapacitated loved ones,
  • truthfulness,
  • the ethics of forcing care on individuals who have lost the ability to make their own health care choices.

In every session, whether we are dealing with sweeping social issues such as the ethical implications of genetic engineering, or particular problems such as withholding or withdrawing the artificial provision of nutrition and hydration, we  discuss practical examples and work to develop a thoughtful resolution to these difficult problems. In ethics, process is as important as content, and we rigorously examine the basis for particular viewpoints.

Sample Seminar Topics:
  • Disaster Ethics: From Pandemics to Terror Attacks
  • Ethics and Recovery in Mental Health
  • The Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources
  • The Ethics of Mandatory Vaccination
  • Forcing Prenatal Care and Noncompliant Parents
  • Ethical Issues in the Application of Reproductive Technologies
  • Cloning and Genetic Manipulation
  • Damaged Newborns: How Aggressive Should We Be?
  • Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide
  • Paternalism in Medicine
  • Living Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives
  • Ethical Problems in Medical Confidentiality
  • Truthfulness in Medicine
  • Informed Consent and the Capacity to Decide
  • Ethical Issues in the Business of Medicine
  • Ethics, Religion and Medicine
  • Ethical Issues in Geriatrics
  • Sexuality in Long Term Care Facilities
  • The Ethics of Discomfort and Tolerance
  • Research Ethics
  • Ethical Issues in the Determination of Death
  • Case Studies in Medical Ethics
  • Leadership Ethics
  • Business Ethics and Public Service
  • Practical Ethics for Local Leaders
  • The Ethics of Eminent Domain

The list is not meant to be all-inclusive, and we develop custom seminars for clients to suite individual needs.

To schedule a seminar for you facility or group, please contact us for our current fee schedule and availability.

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